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A History of Edenderry LOL 322
James S. Kane

The Origins of Warrant Number 322
The earliest recorded mention of warrant number 322 is found in the 1798 Minute Book of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland. By 1829 LOL 322 was listed in the Grand Lodge Register as working in the Ballyronan District of County Londonderry. Brother William Banks was recorded as being the lodge’s Worshipful Master. The 1834 Register shows that the lodge was still sitting in Ballyronan with William Booker as Master.
By 1856 a duplicate warrant number 322 had been issued to a lodge in Moneymore District. This lodge operated until 1890 when the warrant was returned to the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland – James Dowall was listed as the lodge’s last Worshipful Master. Ballyronan LOL 322 continued to operate and in the 1875 and 1891 Registers John Rice is shown as Worshipful Master. Ballyronan LOL 322 operated until 1931 when it became dormant.

Lord Arthur Hill’s LOL 322
On 30 May 1895 a duplicate warrant number 322 was issued to John Black of Portadown. This lodge took the name Lord Arthur Hill’s LOL 322 and sat in Carleton Street Orange Hall. Membership was drawn mainly from West Street, Thomas Street and the Francis and John Street areas, which were redeveloped in the 1960s as part of the Magowan Buildings. The lodge was always a small one having 16 members in 1897, which rose to 18 in 1898, and which fell to 15 in 1899.
In March 1900 John Black WM was given a social evening on his departure to reside in Belfast. William Ramsey was elected to take over as Worshipful Master of the lodge which had 14 members.

Friday last being the anniversary of the battle of the Boyne the members of Lord Arthur Hill’s LOL 322, after returning home from the Tandragee demonstration, sat down to a splendid supper in the Orange Hall, which was prepared by the hall keeper’s able assistant, Mrs. Rowe, who had everything in splendid order for them. Later in the evening refreshments were served by Brs James Connolly, D.M.; John P. Collins, and Wm. Ramsey, W.M. Some loyal and comic songs were sung by Brs. Collins, Liske, Dell, Hara, and Herron. The Worshipful Master, Br. William Ramsey expressed how pleased he was to see so many members and friends present, and he hoped the lodge would continue to increase as it was doing at present. Br. Wm. J. Templeton said he felt proud after their conduct that day at being a member of No. 322 and he hoped the day was not far distant when No. 322 would be one of the best lodges in the Portadown district. A very pleasant evening concluded with the singing of “God save the King”.
Portadown News 20 July 1901

In 1903, with the lodge having nine members, W. J. Templeton was elected Worshipful Master with William Ramsey taking over once again the following year. Portadown District Master W.J. Locke presided over a meeting of LOL 322 held in March 1905. During this meeting the seven remaining members of the lodge decided to amalgamate with LOL 417 under their warrant. The last meeting of Lord Arthur Hill’s LOL 322 was held on 3 April 1905 and the warrant was returned to the Grand Lodge of Ireland. William Ramsey became Chaplain of LOL 417, when the two lodges amalgamated, an office he held until 1914 (with the exception of 1911).

The Formation of Edenderry LOL 322
The inaugural meeting of Edenderry Temperance and Benefit LOL 322 was held on 13 May 1907 in Carleton Street Orange Hall. Portadown District Master Bro. W. H. Wright occupied the Worshipful Master’s chair with Bro. John Patton of LOL 417 acting as Deputy Master. Bro. Valentine Wilson, District Secretary, was also in attendance with Bro. David Rock of LOL 56 acting as Chaplain. Bro. David M. Bright, formerly of LOL 417, was duly elected as the first Worshipful Master of the newly constituted LOL 322. Two new members were initiated on 16 May and a further five members joined on 7 June 1907.
The lodge sat in Edenderry Parochial Hall and dues were set at sixpence. Early minutes are marked by the number of transfers of members from other lodges in Portadown District and from lodges as far afield as Londonderry and Ballymena. For the 12 July 1907 demonstration the lodge hired Roughan Band for £1 and the following year they secured the services of Corcrain Band for £3 plus railway expenses.

Foundation Members of Edenderry LOL 322

1. David M. Bright Killycomain Road Worshipful Master
2. James Thompson Bridge Street Deputy Master
3. William Clarke Seagoe Lower Secretary
4. Andrew Robinson Mourneview Street Treasurer
5. Rev. W.H.T. Tilson Chaplain
6. Charles McCabe Kernan Assist. Chaplain
7. John George Shanks Seagoe Upper Committee
8. William Wright 1 Red Row Committee
9. Thomas Best 16 Railway Street Committee
10. Samuel Cloughley Levaghery Road
11. Alexander Rock Kernan Committee
12. James Wilson 7 Joseph Street Committee
13. John McCoy 53 Woodhouse Street

The First Banner 1909
Within two years of its formation the lodge had raised enough funds to procure a new banner, which was unfurled on March 1909 by Mrs Florence Bright, the wife of Worshipful Master, Bro. David Bright. The banner, which had a purple centre with an orange fringe, measured seven feet by eight feet. On the front was featured King William III on horseback crossing the River Boyne. On the back was featured the Biblical scene of the Good Samaritan which has been featured on all lodge banners ever since. The order was placed with William Bridgett at a total cost of £13 with a 5% discount.

Edenderry Temperance L.O.L.
A very interesting cinematographic exhibition was given in the Town Hall on Monday evening in connection with the Edenderry Temperance L.O.L. Mr. David M. Bright, who is worshipful master of the lodge, takes a keen interest in everything that pertains to its welfare and it is gratifying to know that it is at present in a flourishing condition. The entertainment was most successful, and as a result of it the funds of the lodge will be considerably augmented.
Portadown News 1 January 1910

The Home Rule Crisis
The lodge continued to grow steadily during the Home Rule Crisis of 1912-1914. Members of the lodge took part in a number of anti-Home Rule demonstrations including the large gathering at Balmoral in April 1912. Sir Edward Carson, James Craig and thousands of Orangemen and supporters attended this meeting. Also in attendance were over 70 English MPs including Bonar Law – the leader of the Conservative Party.
On 18 September 1912 the lodge held a special meeting in Edenderry Parochial Hall to discuss the signing of the Covenant on Ulster Day, which was to take place on 28 September. It was proposed “that we take part in the demonstration and to meet at Carleton Street Orange Hall at one o’clock”. A new Union flag was purchased for the occasion and the flag carrier was granted a fee of 5s for his efforts. A pipe band was engaged for a fee of 10s.
This year also saw the departure of the lodge’s Worshipful Master Bro. David M. Bright who emigrated to Canada. Bro. John Clarke was elected the new WM.

The Great War 1914-1918
With the outbreak of war between Britain and Germany on 4 August 1914 the Third Home Rule Bill was set-aside until the end of hostilities. A number of Edenderry men joined the colours to fight for King and Country. At the regular monthly meeting held on 7 October 1914 it was proposed that any members who had volunteered, or would volunteer for the forces, would have their dues paid for by the lodge until their safe return.
Bro. Robert Calliston was a regular soldier serving with the 1st Battalion, Irish Guards. He was the first member of the lodge to be wounded in action.

Letter from a Wounded Soldier
Private Robert Calliston, 1st Irish Guards,
An Edenderry man, writes from the General Infirmary, Leeds under date November 1st 1914, as follows: - The bullet entered my back and left a nice mark behind it. I was satisfied to get off so light. The morning I got it there were men getting knocked out altogether, so I was one of the lucky ones. There are 38 in the ward that I am in all suffering from heads, arms and backs. There is one of Dr. Heron’s daughters as a nurse from Portadown. I hope all the boys at the Station are getting on well. Tell them I was asking about them.
Seagoe Parish Magazine November 1914

At the regular monthly meeting held on 5 May 1915 it was proposed, “That we give £1 out of the Lodge Fund towards the new Motor Ambulance Fund”. Later on 7 July the members of the lodge decided to invest the sum of £50 in the New War Loan Scheme. With Portadown District having so many men at the Front or undergoing training attendances at anniversary church services were down on previous years. An appeal was read at the November meeting of the lodge requesting a full turnout of brethren at the forthcoming 5 November Anniversary Service at St. Mark’s Parish Church which was to be addressed by Bro. The Rev. Canon Moeran.
As Edenderry was a temperance lodge members always took a keen interest in the laws concerning the availability or sale of alcohol and at the regular monthly meeting held on 3 May 1916 it was proposed “that the War Time Council’s Form be signed for the prohibition of intoxicating liquor sale until after the war”.
The Ulster Division suffered 5,500 casualties on the 1st July 1916 with nearly 2000 of those being killed in action. Casualties for the town of Portadown amounted to 70 men killed or died of wounds at the Battle of the Somme. Two Edenderry brethren suffered wounds on the 1 July 1916.

With reference to our members at the Front on the 1st July, it was proposed by Bro. James Benson and seconded by Bro. Joshua McNally that letters of encouragement and sympathy be forwarded to these brethren - James Johnson and James Chambers from the lodge expressing their appreciation of their services in fighting for their King and Country.
Edenderry LOL 322 Minute Book August 1916

In June 1918 Bro. John Flannagan received news that his son, Bro. Thomas Flannagan, had been killed in action on 19 May 1918 in a German air raid whilst serving with the Royal Canadian Medical Corps at Etaples, France. Mr. Flannagan had been a faithful member of Edenderry LOL 322 and his son had joined the Orange Institution when he had emigrated to Canada.
On 6 November 1918 just a few days before the Armistice was signed the lodge received news that Bro. Alexander Orr had been seriously wounded in action. The lodge sent a letter of sympathy and encouragement to Bro. Orr. Throughout the war the lodge sent letters and parcels of comforts normally consisting of cigarettes, socks, knitted items, sweets etc to the brethren at the Front. After the end of the war returning brethren were given a cordial welcome back to the lodge and a social evening was held in their honour.

The members of the Edenderry Temperance and Benefit L.O.L. No. 322 held a very successful social reunion in the Carleton Street Orange Hall, Portadown, on Wednesday evening, 5th inst., for the purpose of welcoming home the members of the Lodge who served in the Great War. The building was gaily decorated, and there was a large attendance of the members and their friends. After tea the chair was taken by Br. John Clarke, W.M., who extended a hearty welcome to the brethren and their friends.
Portadown Express 14 November 1919

Lodge member Bro. Lance-Corporal James H. Chambers, 9th Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers died of wounds on 29 July 1920 and was buried in Knocknamuckley Church of Ireland Churchyard.

On Sunday afternoon the remains of the late Br. James Chambers were interred in Knocknamuckley burying ground. Deceased has been identified with the Orange and Black Institutions the members of which attended in very large numbers to pay their last tribute of respect. The members of St. Mark’s Bible Class walked in front of the hearse. The coffin was borne for a considerable length by the members of Edenderry Temperance and Benefit LOL 322. There were numerous beautiful wreaths. Deceased served with the 9th Batt., R.I.F. in France and Flanders and was severely wounded.
Portadown News 7 August 1920

Roll Of Honour Edenderry LOL 322 1914-1918
Rank Name Regiment
W. J. Adair
Private David Boyce 9th Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers
Guardsman Robert Calliston 1st Batt. Irish Guards
L/Cpl James H. Chambers 9th Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers
Private James Gilliland 9th Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers
Sgt. Major Thomas Hyde
CQMS James Johnston 9th Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers
Private William McClatchey 9th Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers
Private David Medlow 9th Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers
Private Alexander Orr 9th Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers
L/Corporal Thomas Stewart 9th Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers

In the years following the Armistice many returning servicemen also joined Edenderry LOL 322. Principal amongst these were the following brethren William Gordon who transferred from Military LOL 833 in 1919; William Clayton (transferred from a military lodge in India in 1921) and Signalman Henry Kane of the Royal Navy (transferred from LOL 99 in 1928).
With the passage of time it is almost impossible to determine which other new members had previously served during the Great War.

The 1920s
The year 1921 saw the creation of the state of Northern Ireland and at a meeting held on 7 December the lodge passed the following resolution, which was sent to Northern Ireland’s Prime Minister Sir James Craig.

That We, The Officers and Members of Edenderry Temperance and benefit L.O.L. 322, Portadown, in Lodge assembled, once more pledge our support to Sir James Craig and his Colleagues in the Northern Parliament, to uphold the principles and rights of Ulster citizens as purchased at the battle of the Boyne, and that L.O.L. 322 will follow their distinguished leadership to the end, and Ulster’s Motto, shall ever be: NO SURRENDER.
That we shall remain staunch to our Brethren and Loyalists in the outlying Counties, and are prepared to assist them in the defence of their rights in any way we can.
Finally, we call upon Sir James Craig in his own fearless way, to stand fast.

A similar resolution was passed and sent to Lt.-Col. Sir William Allen, Unionist MP in the Westminster Parliament.

Edenderry LOL 322 in the early 1920s pictured at Eden Hall

Edenderry Orange Hall
The idea for a new Orange hall was first raised in 1911 but firstly the Home Rule Crisis and then the Great War put paid to any plans until 1919. During 1919 a group of lodge members met with Mr. Armstrong of Eden House and the owner of Armstrong’s Weaving Factory in Watson Street. He also owned land in the Edenderry area and kindly offered a plot of land on which to build an Orange hall.
In 1923 a Hall Building Committee was formed under the chairmanship of Bro. James Benson to oversee the planning, construction and financing of the new hall. The building project was fraught with difficulty and beset with financial and other problems right from the beginning. The Hall Building Committee minutes record these with great detail.
Despite the difficulties headway was made. Procuring finance was one of the major considerations in the whole hall building project. Fund raising events were held and were widespread and varied. 2,000 badges were struck to sell at various demonstrations including the Apprentice Boys of Derry parade in Londonderry, the 12 July County demonstration in Armagh and the Black Saturday parades. There were ballots, bazaars, collecting cards, concerts and dances.
Plans were submitted by local architects and by the brethren of the lodge including those for a two-storey building. There was also a proposal to purchase Edenderry House but this scheme was rejected on grounds of cost. The tenders for the erection of a two-storey building were as follows Mr. Gamblin £995, Mr. Lyttle £1055, Messrs Hyde & Son £1063, Mr. McKeown £1156 and Messrs Collen Bros. £1314. After much discussion, at the building committee meeting held on 4 April 1924 McKeown’s, tender was accepted with additional extras bringing the total to £1264.
Work then began on the two-storey building with the foundation stone being laid on 21 April 1924 by Mrs McCanmmon of the Urban District Council. A parade was held from Carleton Street to the site of the new hall. Captain the Right Hon. Herbert Dixon, MP, the Unionist Chief Whip, chaired the proceedings. Copies of the Portadown newspapers and the byelaws of the lodge were placed in the foundation stone.
However in July the builder reported that he would make a loss on the projected cost and withdrew. After much discussion and deliberation it was finally agreed to complete the hall as a single storey building measuring 70 feet by 30 feet. Tenders were sought and the following were submitted McKinney £698, Gamblin £710, McKeown Bros. £1059. Gamblin’s tender was accepted and work resumed on the completion of the hall using as much voluntary labour from lodge members as possible. A further £429 8s 4d was required to completely fit out the new hall.
The first meeting of the lodge held in the new Edenderry Orange Hall took place on 5 August 1925 with Bro. R.J. Magowan as Worshipful Master and Bro. J. Shanks as DM.
A grand opening ceremony took place on 19 September 1925. Members of Edenderry LOL 322, District officers and guests paraded from Carleton Street Orange Hall headed by Corcrain Prize Band. In attendance were Portadown District Master W.H. Wright, Canon Moeran, District Chaplain, James Dermott, District Secretary, David Rock, MBE, JP, Major David Shillington and various representatives of the Royal Black Institution. Canon Archer of Seagoe Parish Church was also in attendance. Distinguished visitors included the Right Hon. J.M. Andrews, Minister of Labour and later to be Prime Minister of Northern Ireland on the death of Sir James Craig. Mrs Shillington performed the opening ceremony and was presented with a gold key as a memento of the occasion.

The Second Banner 1936
During the 1930s there was a significant decrease in the number of members returned to the district. This was due partly to the depression and also to the number of brethren transferring to other lodges within Portadown District and to others further afield. Between 1918-1932 a total of 20 Edenderry brethren emigrated to other parts of the world - ten went to the United States of America, five to Canada, four to Australia and one to New Zealand.
In 1935 Lord Carson died and as the lodge was considering the purchase of a new banner it was deemed appropriate for the banner to feature a portrait of Sir Edward Carson. An order was placed with A. M. Purse Ltd, Whitehouse, Randalstown for a new banner measuring seven feet by six feet, the cost being £25. Mrs Magowan, the wife of the Worshipful Master, performed the unfurling ceremony, which was held on 8 July 1936. The unfurling took place in Edenderry Square under the chairmanship of Bro. Major David Shillington WDM of Portadown.

The Second World War 1939-1945
September 1939 saw Britain at war with Germany for the second time in 20 years. Once again Edenderry LOL 322 rallied to the cause. Iron railings at the front of the hall were removed in the scrap metal drive of 1940. The lodge also sent subscriptions to Portadown Spitfire Fund, St. John Ambulance and British Red Cross. War loans were taken out and comfort parcels were sent to lodge members serving with HM Forces. The hall was also used by various organisations throughout the war for entertaining the troops.
Bro. Signalman Henry Kane was lost as sea on 21 June 1940 while serving aboard the ‘Q’ ship HMS Cape Howe. She was torpedoed with heavy loss of life by the U-28 when on anti submarine patrol in the SW Approaches. Bro. Kane was seriously injured during the torpedo attack but made it to a raft where he succumbed to his injuries.
Sympathy was also passed to Bro. Thomas Stanfield, a veteran of the Great War, on the death of his son William John Stanfield on active service. Gunner William Stanfield was serving with the Royal Artillery when he was killed in action on 27 May 1942 in North Africa. He had been a member of Edenderry JLOL 51. His mother, Mary Jane Stanfield, was a member of WLOL 101.
In June 1943 the lodge passed congratulations to Bro. Heathwood who had been awarded the British Empire Medal.
The half yearly meeting of the County Armagh Grand Orange Lodge was held in Edenderry Orange Hall on 15 May 1944 with the County Grand Master Sir Knight William Allen DSO, MP presiding. At the meeting the forthcoming Twelfth celebrations were discussed. It was resolved,”in view of the likelihood of important war events in the near future the time would be one for prayer for the safety of our men at arms rather than celebration.”
At a meeting held on 7 June 1944, the day after the Allied invasion of Normandy, the WM Bro. R.J. Magowan, made reference to this momentous event and “requested that the Chaplain to lead in prayer for the preservation of our armies in this great ordeal and that early success may attend their efforts”.

Roll Of Honour Edenderry LOL 322 1939-1945

Rank Name Regiment
Gardiner Atkinson Army
LAC Walter Curry Royal Air Force
Gunner Joseph Gibson Royal Artillery
William Hewitt Army
Norman C. Johnston Royal Navy
Signalman Henry Kane Royal Navy

In the years following the end of the Second World War a number of returning servicemen also joined Edenderry LOL 322 - men such as Frank Radbone and Frank Magowan, the son of the WM R.J. Magowan, who had served with the Royal Air Force.

First Mayor of Portadown
Under the leadership of Bro. R.J. Magowan WM of Edenderry from 1923-1929 and since 1934, the lodge grew steadily in numbers and stature. In addition to his commitments to the Orange and Black Institutions Bro. Magowan was also an Ulster Unionist councillor. He had the honour of being elected the first mayor of the Borough of Portadown in October 1947. A further honour was bestowed when Bro. Magowan was awarded the OBE in the King’s Birthday Honour’s List of 1949 - the award being made for services to local government.

The Third Banner 1955
During the 1950s a number of brethren served with HM Forces. Bro. Roy Dickson joined the army, W.A. Rehill enlisted in the Royal Air Force and Bro. John Caddell was “On Her Majesty’s Service”, as entered in the minutes, from 1952-54.
In 1953 an order was placed with Hewitt and Gill’s for the purchase of 100 chairs at 35s each. This purchase was made from a bequest from Bro. Alex Adair, JP, DGMI.
In September 1950 it was proposed by Bro. D. Millar that the lodge should change its regalia from the traditional sashes to collarettes. However, after a lengthy discussion, the motion was defeated by 21 votes to seven. Five years later, in January 1955 the subject of collarettes was raised once again. The Deputy Master, Bro. W.N. Hurst proposed ”we purchase new regalia and change from sashes to collarettes and that each brother be responsible for the cost of his own regalia”. This time the motion was carried by a large majority.
On Easter Monday 11 April 1955 the lodge unfurled its third banner. Sister Magowan of WLOL 101 performed the ceremony. Portadown District Master Bro. George Dougan MP chaired the meeting. The banner was ordered from Tutil’s Company in England and featured the Good Samaritan scene on the front with the painting and inscription No Cross No Crown on the reverse. The old banner was presented as a gift to LOL 393 Carrick-on-Shannon.
In June 1956 the lodge sent a telegram to Bro. Charles Cooper congratulating him on being elected Mayor of Portadown.

The 1960s
On 6 July 1960 the “WM extended a warm welcome to Bro. W.A. Rehill one of our brethren who had just returned from overseas service with the Royal Air Force”.
Loughgall was the venue for the 1961 12th July County demonstration. It was to be an historic event with the re-opening of James Sloan’s house in the village – the place where the first Orange lodge warrants were issued in 1795. The County Grand Master Bro. R.J. Magowan performed the opening ceremony. That evening a number of Canadian brethren and sisters, including Bro. Gordon R. Keyes, the Assistant Secretary of the Triennial Council of the World, was entertained at Edenderry Orange Hall.
In 1964 Bro. W.N. Hurst DM was awarded the Imperial Service Medal for services to the Post Office.
During this period LOL 322 had four chaplains – the Very Reverend J.W. Applebe, Dean of Dromore and Rector of Seagoe; the Rev. Charles Howe of Cookstown; the Rev. R. Gibson, Monaghan and the Rev. Joseph Craig of Belfast who transferred to Shankill Road LOL 465 in 1963. Dean Applebe had been LOL 322s chaplain since 1938 and was also Deputy Grand Chaplain of Ireland. He died aged 61 in 1964. The Rev. Granville Todd, newly appointed curate of Seagoe Parish Church, joined the lodge in 1965.
At a meeting held in April 1965 Bro. Wingfield Martin presented the lodge with a beautifully crafted set of gavels in memory of his father Bro. John George Martin who had been Worshipful Master of LOL 417 from 1924-1926 and later a faithful member of Edenderry LOL 322. These gavels are still used by members of the lodge.

There was a large attendance of members of Edenderry temperance and Benefit L.O.L. No. 322 in Edenderry Orange Hall on Wednesday to welcome the guest of the evening, Bro. Wingfield Martin, who is in his hometown on a visit from Detroit, United States of America…
Bro. Martin presented to the lodge two alloy aluminium gavels in a handsome case suitably inscribed in memory of his father the late Bro. George Martin, PM, well known in orange circles and an outstanding member of St. Mark’s Church. These gavels made in the United States are beautifully turned and the workmanship superb.
Portadown News 7April 1965

Under the leadership of Bro. R.J. Magowan WM and W.N. Hurst DM Edenderry retained its strength as one of the leading lodges in Portadown District returning 140 members in 1967. But within the space of six months, LOL 322 was struck a double blow with the death in September of Bro. Hurst, which was followed in March 1968 with the death of Bro. R.J. Magowan. Special tributes were entered in the minute books and the lodge held special memorial services for their departed leaders.

Bro. W.E.P. Hewitt was installed as the new Worshipful Master of the lodge and it was agreed to elect a new WM and DM every two years.
During the 1960s the hall was used by a number of organisations including the USC Shooting Club, the Scouts, Seagoe Sunday School as well as for concerts, jumble sales and guest teas. The hall also played host to three Apprentice Boys of Derry Clubs, the Ulster Unionists, Edenderry Arch Committee as well as Bocombra LOL 22 and RBP 315. The hall also saw use as a school classroom by the County of Armagh Education Committee.

The Fourth Banner 1971
In 1969 the title of the lodge was changed from Edenderry Temperance and Benefit to the R.J. Magowan Memorial Temperance LOL 322, in tribute to the lodge’s late Worshipful Master. The lettering on the banner was amended accordingly and was rededicated by Bro. Rev. Joseph Craig on 2 July 1969.
The lodge also ordered a new banner from Tutil’s, which featured the same scenes as depicted in the previous banner. The cost was £163 8s 0d. The unfurling took place on 12 July 1971 with Bro. Frank Magowan performing the ceremony on behalf of his mother, Sister Mrs Magowan.

The 1970s
During the troubled 1970s Edenderry maintained its strength as the premier lodge in Portadown District and was also recorded as having the largest membership in the county. Violence against the Orange Institution was a feature of IRA violence in County Armagh. The lodge minutes record numerous attacks against Orange brethren including the murder of five brethren at Tullyvallen LOL 630 in September 1975. In 1976 the lodge offered the use of Edenderry Orange Hall to the brethren of Ballygargan LOL 107 when their hall was destroyed in an IRA booby trap bomb explosion, which killed a soldier.
Later during the same year Bro. Isaac McClure was awarded the British Empire Medal while Bro. Bertie Anderson received the Imperial Service Medal.
A number of Edenderry brethren joined the security forces to help in the fight against terrorism. LOL 322 members served with the Ulster Special Constabulary, the Royal Ulster Constabulary Reserve and the Ulster Defence Regiment some being injured in their duties.
During the 1970s the hall was used by a number of organisations including Edenderry Methodist Church, Seagoe Badminton Club, Pride of the Birches Accordion Band, St. John Ambulance and the Ulster Unionists as well as for various lodge meetings such as the Royal Arch Purple Chapter, the RBP Lecture Class, the Junior Grand Lodge and the County Armagh Grand Black Chapter.

The 1980s
The troubles continued into the 1980s and again the lodge minutes refer to atrocities carried out against the Orange brethren of County Armagh. One of the most heinous crimes was the brutal murder of Bros Sir Norman and James Strong at Tynan Abbey in 1981.
In 1983 Bro. W.S.McCauley was awarded the Imperial Service Medal.
July 1985 saw the rerouting of the traditional Orange parades away from Obins Street area of the town and in November the Anglo Irish Agreement was signed. Portadown District suffered as a result of serious public disorder that took place following these events. Edenderry brethren took part in the large Anti-Anglo Irish Agreement demonstrations at Belfast City Hall in 1985 and 1986.
During the 1980s the hall was once again the focal point for many activities including ballet dancing classes, a Sunday school and meetings of the Ulster Unionists.

Bro. Isaac McClure being presented with his 50 year service medal

The 1990s
The year 1990 was a momentous one for the Orange Institution as it marked the tercentenary of the battle of the Boyne, which was fought on 1 July 1690. Portadown’s first Mini-Twelfth heralded the start of the town’s celebrations to mark the event. Newtownhamilton was the venue for the county demonstration on 12 July. Edenderry LOL 322 marked the occasion with a photograph of the lodge, which was taken outside the Orange hall on the Twelfth evening. In September many lodge members took part in the Tercentenary demonstration in Belfast.

LOL 322 in 1990

The year 1991 saw the passing of 84-year-old Bro. Albert Greenaway, a Past Master of the lodge and a member of the Orange Institution since the age of 17. His first love was the Junior Orange Institution in which he was a Superintendent. He was also a dedicated lecturer in the Orange, Purple, Royal Arch Purple and Royal Black Institution. A memorial service was held for the late Bro. Greenaway on 15 May 1992. During the service his daughter Hazel and son Bro. Roy Greenaway presented the lodge with a Deputy Master’s table in his memory.

Bro. Jackie Brownlee and Bro. George Hamilton receive 50 year service medals
from Port down District Master Bro. Harold Gracey

May 1995 saw the death of Bro. John Brownlee who had been Worshipful Master of Portadown District from 1982-1985 as well a Past Master of LOL 322 which he had joined in 1943. Bro. Brownlee was a dedicated Orangeman who worked tirelessly for the institution especially for the juniors of which he was a Past District Master and Past County Grand Master. He was also a former treasurer of Portadown District and treasurer of County Armagh Grand Black Chapter as well as of Edenderry LOL 322 for many years.
The rerouting controversy returned as Nationalists blocked the Garvaghy Road to prevent the return of Orangemen from their annual church service at Drumcree Parish Church. This became known as the Siege of Drumcree or Drumcree 1. Orangemen remained at Drumcree until the police cleared the route two days later.
In September 1995 members of the lodge attended the large gathering of Orangemen at Loughgall to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of the Diamond and the formation of the Orange Institution.
July 1996 saw the authorities ban Orangemen from returning from their annual Drumcree service via the Garvaghy Road. Portadown Orangemen once again encamped at Drumcree to await a reversal of this decision. Across Northern Ireland Orangemen rallied to support their brethren and on 11 July 1996 the parade was allowed to proceed via the Garvaghy Road. In 1997 the Government allowed the parade to go ahead but from 1998 the parade has been banned from the Garvaghy Road.
Throughout these difficult times Edenderry brethren supported the District Master, Harold Gracey, in his stand for the restoration of civil and religious liberties for all.. Bro. Robert Guy was a steadfast supporter of the Drumcree protest and was the first man to volunteer to stand shoulder to shoulder with Bro. Gracey.

The Fifth Banner 2001
The unfurling and dedication of the lodge’s fifth banner took place on 21 September 2001 in Edenderry Orange Hall. This banner was to be unique as it was painted entirely by lodge member, Bro. James Edgar, an accomplished local artist. The front of the banner featured a depiction of the signing of the first warrants after the Battle of the Diamond. Each of the characters in the banner was based on members of the lodge. In keeping with tradition the back featured the Biblical Good Samaritan scene. Deputy District Master David Burrows presided with Mrs Merle Edgar, the wife of Bro. Edgar, performing the unfurling ceremony.

The 2000s
During the start of the new millennium Edenderry Orange Hall has continued to be a focal point for the local community. The hall is now the venue for meetings of the brethren of the Rising Sons of Portadown LOL 273 and the Sir Knights of Seagoe RBP 110. There are also regular quiz nights held under the auspices of the Pride of the Birches Flute Band.
In 2004 the Edenderry Community Development Association was formed with the twin aims of instilling a sense of community and of securing funding to rejuvenate the once thriving Edenderry area. A number of groups such as the Edenderry Art Class, Parents and Toddlers group and the Edenderry Cultural and Historical Society were also formed. The latter undertook a major research project on the internationally renowned Wade pottery formerly sited in Watson Street.
March 2005 saw the death of Bro. Thomas Robert Guy. Bro. Guy transferred from Seagoe LOL 26 to LOL 322 in 1951. He was Worshipful Master of the lodge from 1977-1979 as well as a lecturer in the Orange, Purple, Royal Arch Purple Orders and Royal Black Institution.
March also saw the Worshipful Master, Bro. Gary Scott, present a 60 year Service Certificate to Bro. James H. Kane in recognition of 64 years’ loyal service to the Orange Institution from 1941-2005. Bro. Kane joined LOL 107 in April 1941 when home on leave from the Royal Air Force. He later transferred to LOL 99 and in 2003 transferred to Edenderry LOL 322, the lodge of his father the late Bro. Harry Kane, and of his son Bro. James S. Kane

Worshipful Masters of Edenderry LOL 322

1907-1912 David M. Bright
1912-1922 John Clarke
1922-1923 Samuel I. Best
1924-1929 R.J. Magowan
1929-1933 Joseph H. Pierson
1934-1968 R.J. Magowan JP, OBE
1968-1971 W.E.P. Hewitt
1971-1973 Albert Greenaway
1973-1975 W. S. McCauley
1975-1977 David Allen
1977-1979 T.R. Guy
1979-1981 T. R. Dunn
1981-1983 Noel McMurray
1983-1985 Roy Jones
1985-1987 Richard Morrison
1987-1989 Martin Black
1989-1991 James Edgar
1991-1993 Eric Treanor
1993-1995 John J. R. Mathers
1995-1997 James S. Kane
1997-1999 John Hoy
1999-2001 Mark Hall
2001-2003 Colin Treanor
2003-2005 Jonathon McEvoy
2005-2007 Gary Scott

David M. Bright

David Mussen Bright was the first Worshipful Master of Edenderry Temperance and Benefit LOL 322. He was elected WM at the inaugural meeting of the lodge held on 13 May 1907 and served as WM until 3 April 1912, the last time his signature appears in the minutes. Bro. Bright was a member of Dr. Kane’s Crimson Star LOL 417 before his transfer to Edenderry.
He was born on 28 June 1875, the brother of Sydney Bright, and was educated at Edenderry Primary School and the Belfast College of Technology. The family managed Portadown Foundry.
In 1897 David joined the Royal Engineers at Chatham and served in China during the Boxer Rebellion of 1900. After seven years with the forces he returned to his native Portadown. In 1913 he emigrated to Canada finding employment at Hunt Mill where he installed a new rope drive. He later moved to Winnipeg.

Shortly after the outbreak of the Great War David enlisted in the Royal Canadian Engineers. He was attested on 23 September 1914 and his details were given as follows: height - 5’ 6 ½ “, complexion - dark, eyes - grey, hair - dark, religious denomination - Presbyterian, occupation - mechanical engineer. He was commissioned as a captain serving with the First Division Ammunition Park before transferring to the Engineers serving with them until 1917. Captain Bright was soon promoted to major and served with the Royal Engineers and was in charge of forward transportation in France.
Following the end of the war Major Bright returned to Winnipeg where he lived with his wife, Mary Florence, and two sons. In 1928 the family moved to 254 Briscoe Street, London, Ontario, where David continued his work as a consulting engineer.
On the outbreak of World War Two Major Bright’s two sons, William J. and John Eric, followed their father into the armed forces both serving with the rank of lieutenant.
Major David Mussen Bright died in Westminster Hospital in February 1940 after a lengthy illness. He was buried with full military honours in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

The funeral service, with full military honours, was conducted by Rev. F.W. Gilmour, pastor of Elmwood Church, and Rev. John C. Whightman, a brother-in-law, of Florence. The firing party was from the 7th Field Company of the Royal Canadian Engineers. The band in attendance was also from the 7th Field Company, and the active pallbearers were sergeants of that unit.
London (Ontario) Daily Press 10 February 19

R. J. Magowan JP, OBE

Robert John Magowan was the longest serving Worshipful Master of Edenderry Temperance and Benefit LOL 322. He served two terms firstly from 1924-1929 and secondly from 1934-1968. Under his leadership Edenderry LOL 322 became the premier lodge in Portadown District with the largest membership in County Armagh. Bro. Magowan was initiated into Clounagh LOL 9 and served as Worshipful Master from 1917-1919 before transferring to Edenderry in January 1920. He was Worshipful District Master of Portadown from 1955-1968 and was also County Grand Master of Armagh. For many years he was a leading figure in the Junior Orange Institution and was responsible for the formation of Edenderry Junior LOL 51 in 1927. In 1969 Edenderry LOL322 was renamed the R.J. Magowan Memorial Temperance LOL 322 in honour of their late Worshipful Master.
R.J. Magowan was born in Portadown in 1893 the son of William J. and Elizabeth Magowan. He was managing director of Portadown Foundry.
He had a deep and abiding interest in Unionism and was closely associated with the Edenderry Branch of the Central Armagh Unionist Association. He was a member of the Masonic Institution and had been elevated to the rank of High Knight Templar.
R.J. Magowan became one of the most prominent personalities in the local government of Northern Ireland. He was first elected a member of Portadown Urban Council on 18 January 1926 and continued membership until 1964. He occupied the vice-chairmanship of the Urban District Council in 1941-1942 and in 1943 was elected chairman. In 1947 he had the distinction of being elected the first Mayor of the Borough of Portadown. His worth and skill in public administration were recognised in his election as President of the Municipal Authorities Association, Northern Ireland in the year 1947-1948.

Obituary for the late Bro. R.J. Magowan WM of Edenderry LOL 322

In 1949 he was honoured in the King’s Birthday Honours List with the award of the OBE. He was Deputy Mayor in 1950 and was elected Mayor again the following year. In 1956 Bro. Magowan was granted the Freedom of Portadown an honour that gave him more pleasure than any other conferred upon him.
For many years he was closely associated with the Portadown and Banbridge Regional Water Works Joint Board being its chairman from 1943 until his retirement from public life in 1964.
Bro. Magowan worshipped at Edenderry Methodist Church where he held many lay offices including that of secretary to the Church’s Board of Trustees and Secretary to the Sunday school. He was also a member of the Men’s Bible Class and was instrumental in getting the new church erected in 1954.

Bro. Robert John Magowan, known throughout his life as “Honest Bob”, died on 12 March 1968 after a lengthy illness. He was aged 75 years. His wife Sister Kathleen Magowan of WLOL 101 died on 27 November 1971 and his son Frank, also a member of Edenderry LOL 322, died on 21 June 1986. All were buried in Drumcree Churchyard.

It is with deep regret that we record the Home Call of our esteemed Worshipful Master Bro. R.J. Magowan, OBE, JP on Tuesday 12 March 1968.
Bob Magowan became a member of LOL 322 on 1 January 1920 on transfer from LOL No. 9. He was elected Worshipful Master on 19 March 1923 and remained in office until September 1929. Bro. Magowan was again elected WM in October 1924 and remained in office until his Home Call.
During all these years he lived before his brethren as an Orangeman and Protestant in reality and truth, he was distinguished by his sincere and veneration for his Heavenly Father and a steadfast Faith in his Saviour.
Bro. Magowan was more than Worshipful Master of LOL 322. He was the friend of all its members from the oldest to the youngest.
Edenderry LOL 322 Minute Book March 1968

James Connolly

James Connolly was Deputy Master of Lord Arthur Hill’s LOL 322 from 1898-1903. Bro. Connolly seconded the proposal of Bro. William Ramsey WM that LOL 322 amalgamate with Dr. Kane’s Crimson Star LOL 417. This occurred in 1905.
James Connolly signed the Ulster Covenant on Ulster Day 28 September 1912 at Portadown Town Hall. His residence at the time was listed as 20 Carleton Street, Portadown. The certificate pictured was kindly donated to LOL 322 by Bro. Cecil Allen of Kilmoriarty LOL 31 (Bro. Connolly was a relative of Bro. Allen’s wife).

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Bro. Daryl Hewitt presenting Bro Jim Burns with 50 year jewel.
Bro. Daryl Hewitt presenting Bro Jim Burns with 50 year jewel.

Bro. Daryl Hewitt Worshipful District Master of Portadown District No. 1 presenting Bro Jim Burns with 50 year jewel at meeting in Dan Winters Cottage to celebrate centenary of LOL 322.

LOL322 at Dan Winters Cottage
LOL322 at Dan Winters Cottage

Back row; Gary Scott, Eric Treanor, Colin Treanor, Jonnie McAvoy, Alan Anderson, Arnold Sleator, Jim Edgar,Philip Hoy.George Robinson
Middle Row; Daryl Hewitt (District Master), Billy Palmer, Jackie Mann, Jim Burns, Harry Cooke (LOL No 9), Richard Morrison.
Front Row; John Hoy (Chaplain), David Hoy (Deputy Master ), Brian Moore (Master LOL 322), Jim Kane (Secretary)

Edenderry Orange Hall
Edenderry Orange Hall

Hello I took this picture a while back. If I remember correctly the deceased was a Mr Todd from Meadow Lane. He had 6 daughters and one son if I remember correctly. His son was called Michael Todd as he and I both attended Thomas Street P.S.Micheal and I were both in P. 4 when Micheal had a tragic accident and drowned near the River Bann. Anyway I thought you may like to put the picture us as I just happened to be standing one Sunday afternoon and just happened to have a camera with me.

Memorial card for Bro. R.J. Magowan
Memorial card for Bro. R.J. Magowan

Reverse of Edenderry LOL 322 banner painted by lodge member Bro. Jim Edgar
Reverse of Edenderry LOL 322 banner painted by lodge member Bro. Jim Edgar

Front of Edenderry LOL 322 banner painted by lodge member Bro. Jim Edgar
Front of Edenderry LOL 322 banner painted by lodge member Bro. Jim Edgar

Ulster Covenant signed by Bro. James Connolly
Ulster Covenant signed by Bro. James Connolly

James Connolly signed the Ulster Covenant on Ulster Day 28 September 1912 at Portadown Town Hall. His residence at the time was listed as 20 Carleton Street, Portadown. The certificate pictured was kindly donated to LOL 322 by Bro. Cecil Allen of Kilmoriarty LOL 31 (Bro. Connolly was a relative of Bro. Allen’s wife).

Bro. R.J. Magowan meets Lord Brookeborough
Bro. R.J. Magowan meets Lord Brookeborough

Obituary for the late Bro. R.J. Magowan WM of Edenderry LOL 322
Obituary for the late Bro. R.J. Magowan WM of Edenderry LOL 322

Obituary for Major David Mussen Bright, Portadown Times 15 March 1940
Obituary for Major David Mussen Bright, Portadown Times 15 March 1940

Major David Mussen Bright died in Westminster Hospital in February 1940 after a lengthy illness. He was buried with full military honours in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.
The funeral service, with full military honours, was conducted by Rev. F.W. Gilmour, pastor of Elmwood Church, and Rev. John C. Whightman, a brother-in-law, of Florence. The firing party was from the 7th Field Company of the Royal Canadian Engineers. The band in attendance was also from the 7th Field Company, and the active pallbearers were sergeants of that unit.
London (Ontario) Daily Press 10 February 19

Transfer certificate for Bro. David Bright
Transfer certificate for Bro. David Bright

Bro. Jackie Brownlee and Bro. George Hamilton receive 50 year service medals
Bro. Jackie Brownlee and Bro. George Hamilton receive 50 year service medals

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