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Name: Peter Russell   Email: system@crescentlink.net
Date: 09 August 2006   Country: United Kingdom
Here are two family tree websites which you\might like to incorporate in your website. http://allen.allenreavie.com
Name: Gordon Mullen   Email: mulyack@hotmail.com
Date: 14 July 2006   Country: Australia
It has been nearly 10 years since I had my first visit to Portadown since moving to Australia with my dad, Sam - mum, Roberta and sisters Brenda and Yvonne in 1958. My Brother Bertie had already moved to England but eventually came to Australia as well.
I was born in Eden Avenue and my Aunt Phoebe[Roney] lived next door. Apparently mum's midwife, whose name I've forgotten, died the day after she delivered me. Fortunately, to the best of my knowledge, this is the only occasion that someone has passed away hours after they've met me.
I did have some friends in spite of my reputation and I remember Tom and Dennis Guy - Dennis [or was it Tom] went on to play for Glenavon and I did very well in Australia captaining my state Victoria, before a severe injury cut my career short. Two of my team mates went on to represent Australia in the 1974 World Cup in Germany and as a matter of fact, one of my ex students played for Australia in this year's World Cup - Josh Kennedy.
Yes, I was a teacher but I also followed up my early music career[ singing at the Town Hall Talent Quest on a Saturday night] by doing a lot of music in Australia. I'm currently writing a musical based on the so-called 'Famine' in Ireland in the 1840's.
This Guestbook is a wonderful thing to read and I'll be popping by regularly to look at the photos and read the comments.
Best Wishes from 'Down Under' or 'Up Over'. Depends on your point of view.
Gordon Mullen.
Name: Jim McCullough   Email:
Date: 05 June 2006   Country: United States of America
I just heard about the site i am stil exploring it but it great that you are doing a fine job. I am from Killicomaine played for the Edenblues and Wades & Tavern dart teams back in the 60,s & 70,s.Please keep up the good work.

ps.The grocery store Harry Rainey delivered for was Calvert,s
hope you see this Harry.
Name: victor brownlee   Email: victor brownlee@bt.com
Date: 18 May 2006   Country: United Kingdom
cardwell give me a ring you asked about photo,s of edenderry
Name: Diane Jones   Email: diane.osbaldstone@virgin.net
Date: 06 May 2006   Country: United Kingdom
Enjoying the site. Good to see old familar names and places.
Name: James Kane   Email: james322@madasafish.com
Date: 28 April 2006   Country: United Kingdom
I was raised in No. 24 Watson Street (the house closest to Wade's factory). Great to see so many old photographs of the people and places associated with Edenderry. If anyone has any information, especially photographs, of the men from Edenderry who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War and World War Two, please contact me.

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